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The Highest Industry Training and Certification

Each member of our lodging staff has received the industry’s most specialized training through the Pet Care Services Association, insuring the highest standards of cleanliness, safety and care.

We are also licensed pet care professionals by the State of Illinois.

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Grooming & Spa Servicesgrooming

The Pet Spa at Bark 'N' Town has all the luxuries you expect from a human spa.

Our professional grooming staff awaits your pet’s arrival for a special day at the spa or readies them for their departure from our lodging facility. We use all natural, botanical based shampoos and conditioners. Hypo-allergenic shampoo and conditioner are available for those with sensitive skin. Our Prima bathing system provides a soothing massage while it deep cleans your pet’s coat. Exceptional results don’t have to come at the cost of our environment. Our Prima system is a green friendly bathing system that reduces water and shampoo usage over traditional bathing methods.

From luxurious baths to professional coat styling we have it all. We offer breed standard haircuts or a whimsical styling to your liking.

We offer both Premium and Basic bathing and grooming services

Basic bathing service includes:

  • A bath with our all natural shampoo
  • Towel drying

Premium bathing service includes:

  • A cleansing bath with our all natural shampoo
  • High speed drying
  • Thorough brush out
  • Nail trim & filing
  • Ear cleaning

Full grooming with premium bathing service includes:

  • A cleansing bath with our all natural shampoo
  • High speed drying
  • Thorough brush out
  • Nail trim & filing
  • Ear cleaning
  • Professional haircut to breed standard or your own personal preference

  • Amazing Shed-less Treatment: reduces shedding by as much as 90%
  • Mud baths: condition, rehydrate and rebuild your pet’s coat while pampering them
  • Facials: provide deep cleansing and color enhancement while soothing your pet with a fragrant aroma
  • Hot Warm Oil: moisturizes and restores softness to the coat by sealing and replenishing the hair shaft with natural oils

Canine Massage

Has Rex recently had surgery? Does Fluffy have arthritis? Is Spot slowing down after chasing down that frisbee or tennis ball?

A canine massage can relax tense and aching muscles, speed healing by increasing circulation and help with range of motion for those with arthritis. Call today to schedule a free consultation. Discounts for first time massage client are available!


“Once we finally got an appointment for Muttlee we were hooked to keep you for Muttlees grooming. You treat him like he was yours. And he always looks sooo good. We are very pleased with your service.” ~ Denise and James L.

“I was totally please and amazed at the facility. It was very clean. It was a great experience for Callie. I will be bringing her back in about 5 weeks for another visit. Happy to know you are so close to our home. I especially loved the dog being picked up. Thank you for everything.”  ~ Donna B.

“We have boarded Shadow with you since he was a puppy and have been 100% pleased with his and our experience. Also brought our Irish Setter to you before Shadow. We have had a long history, and a good one. So, the best place for Shadow to be groomed is where he and his MOM and DAD feel comfortable.”  ~ Chuck & Jene A.

 “Bark ‘N’ Town is by far the best facility we have had the pleasure of working with since owning a dog that requires grooming.” ~ Marcia & George S.

“Originally (we started using Bark ‘N’ Town) because of location, but now it’s because of the exceptional service and care she receives.”  ~ Bill & Sarah G.

“Kelly always did very good work and Salty always came home handsome. When she moved to Bark 'N' Town, we moved with her and I’m very glad we did. Your establishment is open, friendly, clean, and helpful answering questions. If and when we need to board Salty, Bark 'N' Town will be our choice.” ~ Lois T.

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